View Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,4 Size (In.) ,6200 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,3-1/4

Brand : Wilton

Merchant : Grainger

C-Clamp, Body Material Drop Forged Steel, Regular Duty, Anvil Shape V-Grooved, Throat Shape Standard, Body Color Gray, Max. Opening 4-1/4 In., Throat Depth 3-1/4 In., Clamping Pressure 6200 lb., Min. Opening 0 In., Swivel Pad Yes, Spindle Finish Copper Plated...

Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,4 Size (In.) ,6200 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,3-1/4"" Throat Depth Model: 404-P Reviews

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Category : tools & home improvement > power & hand tools > power tool accessories > saw blades & accessories > blades

Brand : Wilton

Merchat : Grainger

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